Names have been changed to provide anonymity.

Leslie, aged 66 writes;

I have found Craniosacral Therapy with Jeanie to be a gentle yet powerful support for body wisdom. Her treatments are deeply relaxing as they create balance and connectedness within. Physical results include release from pain, better body posture and more flexible movement. Plus, all the other things there’s simply no words for!!


Barbara, aged 62 writes;

Jeanie’s cranial treatment worked wonders for me. During treatment I could feel the tides changing within my body and I experienced wonderful colours. I also had very emotional experiences which I found very cathartic and occasionally reduced me to tears. After treatment I was often emotionally drained but also very refreshed, and would recommend Jeanie’s treatment to anyone.


Peter, aged 59 writes;

I had a nervous breakdown 40 years ago and have always carried a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. Running helps, but the first time I saw Jeanie I fell asleep. I couldn’t believe it, I’d never relaxed like that! After that first session somehow my neck felt longer. I had some strange sensations during the sessions, not unpleasant, some fizzing in the left side of my body, and a sensation of free fall when Jeanie had one hand on my sacrum and the other on my head.


Tamara aged 52 writes;

My acupuncturist recommended Craniosacral Therapy when I had pain in my pelvis and legs following a lumbar fracture. I experienced relief in our first session together and then promptly went and over did it! After the second treatment I managed to walk a few miles with only minimal aching in my hip. During the 7 months that I saw Jeanie I was experiencing a high degree of marital conflict, which brought up feelings of guilt and fear about the future. I realised my sacrum was holding all of the emotional turmoil. The Craniosacral Therapy released so much tension from my whole body, some of it from decades past, and helped me to attune to subtle forces, in addition to restoring confidence in my self and in my back.


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